I’m Déborah and I’m a data scientist who really likes to write. I have a BSc in Computer Science and I’ve been working with Data Science since 2016 when I won the Microsoft Imagine Machine Learning Award.

I’m a generalist, so I can grasp new technology quickly and I can learn as much as I need to reach the goals of a project. I think this gives me an advantage in writing because it’s easier for me to “zoom out” and explain things from a broader point of view than someone who has more experience in a particular technology.

Oh and there was a day where John Maeda used one of my articles to learn TensorFlow (haha yes, I’m indeed very proud of that so I had to put it here).

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Let’s talk! I also write on Medium and here are my LinkedIn and Github profiles.

:mega: News

July 05, 2023 Earned the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification at Microsoft
May 11, 2023 Presenting dosguard32: A Deep Learning Based Component for Detecting DoS Attacks on IoT Devices at lacnic 39
April 20, 2023 Presenting Identifying DDoS attacks on IoT devices using deep learning at csv,conf,v7